Food Tour of Helsinki

Small vendance fish have first been battered in rye flour and then fried in a lot of butter. Served with mashed potatoes and lingonberries. This is a great treat of the legendary Juttutupa Restaurant at the Workers House, where also V.I.Lenin used to enjoy his meals before the Russian revolution.

The food tours are always customized tours due to seasons that we in Finland have four - in Lapland there are six seasons. We serve the arctic delicacies as the reindeer, elk, salmon, pickled herring, vendace, wild mushrooms, organic vegetables, wild arctic berries and herbs. And sour rye bread. Please just ask me to design the culinary tour of your tastes and I will get back to you. As an example please you can choose either the program introduced here - or if you would like to upgrade your cuisine to the top level a luncheon at the Savoy Restaurant or some of the Michelin places can easily be arranged.

Or if you prefer to have tea at the same table where V. I. Lenin enjoyed his supper while hiding the Russian officials 100 years ago at The Workers House and taste a big portion of hearty meat balls with mash and the local beer at the trendy former workers part of town, it will be my pleasure to guide you to this part on town and history. The doughnuts and buns are famous at the Market place coffee tents.

9. 00 Our tour starts by private minibus taking you from your hotel or the pier of your cruising ship to the Market Place and the Old Market Hall. Discussing and tasting of the delicacies of the season.

Walking in the Esplanade Park and having taste of salmon - or vegetable soup, pop at Iittala shop to view the design and dishes of cooking and cutlery that are included in every Finnish household.

Small tasting portions or lunch of you choice of meat, fish, mushrooms or vegetables and berries.

13. 00 Coffee and buns or doughnuts and chocolates at Fazer Café

13. 45 Departure to your hotel or the pier of the cruising ship

Here is the tenderloin of the brown bear. Before you start the meal - you are supposed to greet the beast with a speech and a song and raise a toast. 

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