The History of the Finnish Women

It might seem a bit weird to invite you to the cemetery to get to know the culture of the Finnish women. But in fact our National Cemetery of Hietaniemi is a vast outdoors museum. We walk under the old trees and enjoy the breeze from the sea. And when we view the beautiful natural and planted flowers - or the white soft snow in winter we get a mythic understanding of time and life. The memorial stones and graves are telling true stories of people. 

Sofia Ottilia Wittenheim has been a beautiful woman, mother of five and passed away under 40 years of age. 

There are about 100.000 people buried in Hietaniemi. Most of those people here in Hietaniemi (and in all cemeteries around the world) have been children under 2-years of age and their mothers who have died at childbirth.  This all started to change in Finland in the beginning of the 21st century. We shall be discussing on this tour the story of the Finnish women. How did we become the happiest and best educated women in the world in 100 years. This has universal importance in our world now, where 30 American men earn more than all the women in Africa.  But still 1 euro is, however, only 0,80 eurocents for the Finnish women, so we have to keep the project going on.

The Finnish children get a kit of necessities in Finland. The kit is part of the simple and effective advisory system for mothers to be and the newborn. 

On this tour we discuss the general history and the history of the women in Europe and in Finland. The themes cover cultural, social, political and economical topics and of course art. Please join us and let´s have a good and interesting time at the graveyard! 

Cemetery is a big museum full of real stories. Picture: Maija Hurme

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