Finland - The Happiest Country in the World

Finland - Not for everybody

Welcome to Finland - the happiest country in the world!

Hello, I am Ulla-Maija. In this picture you see me addressing my distinguished clients in one the most precious academic places in the Nordic countries: The dais in the University of Helsinki from 1814. During the Covid-19 times we keep safe distances here.
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  1. Sirpa Lassila @sirpalassila on a Book tour at @rosebud #sivullinen - the biggest and finest bookstore in #helsinki #kaisaniemi
  2. Helsinki spring season starting. Looking forward to schoolchildren from Pudasjärvi! I love school groups. If they loose their interest to my great stories - I start talking in Swedish. #reindeer #pudasjarvi #helsinki #helsinki #myhelsinki #ullistravelstudio
  3. My younger son picked blue and white flowers and sang me Finlandia on the mother’s day.#mother
  4. The fieldfare family had lost one of their eggs and it had found its way under a monumental piece of art at the National museum of Finland. The art work is about the great old story of how everything actually began. #kalevala #finland #helsinki #nationalmuseum #birds #beginning
  5. The secret look at the Helsinki metro.#ullistravelstudio #publictransport #nospectacles
  6. Book tours by Ullis. Stories, fact and fiction. Soon going also virtual! #ullistravelstudio #helsinki #booklover #bookstagrammer
  7. Kasvien kulttuurihistoriaa kaikille! 14.4.2022 klo 13:00 Orjantappuroita & orkideoja - Virtuaalikierros Talvipuutarhassa Varaukset: 15.4.2022 klo 13:30 Orjantappuroita & orkideoja-Virtuaalikierros Talvipuutarhassa 16.4.2022 klo 13:30 Orjantappuroita ja orkideoja - opastettu kierros Talvipuutarhassa. Varaukset: Tuotanto: Ullis Travel Studio ja Helsingin kävelyfestivaalit. Täällä lisää hienoja kierroksia! #talvipuutarha #orkidea #orjantappura #viini #viikuna #seetripuu #jerusalem

Finland - Not for Everybody

Designing exclusivity after the Covid-19 time. Part 1

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Finland - Not for Everybody

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