Finland - The Happiest Country in the World

Finland - Not for everybody

Welcome to Finland - the happiest country in the world!

Hello, I am Ulla-Maija. In this picture you see me addressing my distinguished clients in one the most precious academic places in the Nordic countries: The dais in the University of Helsinki from 1814. During the Covid-19 times we keep safe distances here.
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  1. Roses from Kenya. They get tired on the way and need refreshment. Time zone is the same. I feel guilty buying these fair trade roses from the local K-market. Something is not right. #fairtrade #kenya #finland #kitchen #consuming #beauty #guilt #climate
  2. Äiti. My mother. 1929-1966. She would be 92 today, but she died at the age of 36 on the day when I had my 13th birthday. Thank you. #mother #love
  3. Flowers, plants are 4000 million years old. We humans 2 million years. #gardentours #ullistravelstudio #helsinki #myhelsinki
  4. #fatbikes for clients at #F6hotel in #Helsinki. We have frost and -2 this Sunday this morning. #foodtour starting #ullistravelstudio

Finland - Not for Everybody

Designing exclusivity after the Covid-19 time. Part 1

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Finland - Not for Everybody

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