The Sauna Tour

The day at the Saunasaari Island gives you a great opportunity to relax taking the sauna or a dip in the sea or relaxing in the outdoors warm pool.

The culture of the sauna in Finland is hundreds and hundreds of years old. Sauna is a living institution. For five million Finns we have more than three million saunas - so we know something about this and we invite you to relax and learn the core of the Finnish hospitality. First we take the you on a sauna tour and then you can take your sauna bath and later a tasty sauna meal. 

The most expensive sauna experience can be arranged at the museum sauna of the former President of Finland Urho Kekkonen. The price for the tour is EUR 4000 for max 16 people. More info:

Our tour starts by private minibus taking you from your hotel or the pier of your cruising ship to the the main attractions of the City of Helsinki. Since almost every building, including the Parliament, has a sauna - this gives you a good view to the Finnish lifesyle and history with the sauna. We shall be visiting the famous modern Löyly sauna, that the Time Magazine chose among the 100 most interesting places in the world. We shall also visit the Allas Sea Pool by the Market place and the oldest public saunas in Kallio and in Lapinlahti. The afternoon is at your leisure at Saunasaari Island where you will be taken by a private boat. Saunasaari will offer you a great sauna experience in a traditional smoke sauna, you can enjoy the warm pool and the invigorating Baltic Sea. We also have many other sauna options. Sauna tours will be customized to according to your wishes.

Löyly sauna is a great building applying the most modern enviromental technology with ancient knowledge of how to build a good sauna. 

In winter time sauna is even more exotic eperience. You can try the combination of the hot sauna and the ice cold sea and you will get a shock of your lifetime – but that will also change your life for so much better that you just want to get more of this euforia of total relaxation.

These guys are cooling with a beer outside the Kotiharju sauna in Kallio. 

Sauna is a living institution and it expresses the Finnish equality perfectly. Here at the Kotiharju sauna you can meet millioners next to unemployed and academics next to teenagers, all sharing the same passion for taking the sauna.

Virtual Sauna-tour is a great present to experience the sauna together  with your friends where ever they are. 


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