National Cemetery in Helsinki

There are approx 160000 people buried in the Hietaniemi cemetery.

History of the Finnish people from the beginning of the 19th century to today is to be discovered at the National cemetery of Hietaniemi. Almost all of those men and women who have had an important role in the history and have influenced in the development of culture, sciences, economy and politics have their memorial in Hietaniemi.

One of the most famous painters Hugo Simberg lies under a stone that is decorated with his statuette called: The Death is knocking on your door. 

When Hietaniemi was established in 1818 Finland was just annexed as an autonomous grand duchy to the Imperial Russia. Finland was then one of the poorest countries in Europe. Now Finland is a 105 years old independet republic, one of the Nordic wellfare states. We shall discuss this history through the stories of the majority of people, also those who have not their history written.

The cemetery is full of beautiful details of flowers and art objects.


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