Nature Tour of Vallisaari Island


The Vallisaari island is a sanctuary of species of plants, birds, insects, bats and interesting biotopes of the Northern Baltic Sea. It also includes an old Russian fortification and great views to Suomenlinna Islands and the Helsinki skyline. Transportation by ferry to Vallisaari from The Market square takes less than 30 minutes. The walking tour of Vallisaari in the nature in enjoyable and relaxing with birds singing and the wind humming. We shall be exploring the species according to the season. There are great views to the inner protected parts of the island with a big wet area of common alder, linden forest and lakes. The view to the sea is open and sometimes we can get a sight of a big ferry or a ship passing through the narrow Kustaanmiekka strait that separates Vallisaari from Suomenlinna fortress islands. Please be prepared with good shoes, the roads are even but there are a couple of high hills and relatively high steps to the top of the fortress.

Vallisaari Island was a closed abandoned military area until four years ago and that is why the natural enviroment is so well protected and now free for us all to enjoy.




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